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Ganapati Prarthana

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Sanskrit text, in Devanagari & Roman scripts

1. I pray to you; the lord of groups of demi-gods who removes obstacles. You are omniscient with complete knowledge; you know more than anybody else. I have come to you, recognising your greatness. You are the emperor of emperors. You are yourself Brahma. I have propitiated you with my chanting of adoring hymns.

I salute you for the fulfillment of my desires. You are the highest treasure among all treasures. You grant your devotees both treasure of food and the treasure of wisdom.

2. We invoke Saraswati the goddess of speech. May she be pleased with us and inspire our intelligence (to pronounce hymns properly). Prostrations to Ganesha, Saraswati, and Sri Guru.

From book "Veda Pushpanjali", a compilation of Vedic hymns in Sanskrit with English Transliteration and meanings.