Transliteration guide for Sanskrit letters

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Pronunciation Sanskrit
! om aum( om )
A* a as o in son ? as r in Ka
A:( a )* as a in master S: as sh in shut
b: b as b in book \: as sh in show
c: c as ch in check s: s as s in sit
d d as th in father, then t: t as t in french sound
R as d in do X as t in touch
O()* e as a in evade u()* u as u in full
g: g as g in good U()* as oo in boot
h h as h in hard v: v as v in avert
H as h in oh! y: y as y in yak
E(e)* i as i in if O()* ai as y in my
I(i)* as ee in feel A:(>)* au as ow in now
j: j as j in jar B: bh as bh in abhor
k k as k in kite C ch as chh in catch him
l: l as l in Lord D: dh as the in breathe
m: m as m in man Z h as dh in godhood
as m in simple, hum G: gh as gh in ghost
n: n as n in nose J: jh as dgeh in hedgehog
{ as n in monkey K: kh as ckh in blockhead
W: as n in lunch P ph as ph in loop-hole
N: as n in under (hard) T: th as th in thumb
A:( < )* o as o in over Y h as th in ant-hill
p: p as p in put | ' as unwritten a sound
r r as r in run || " as unwritten aa sound

Also letters and represent = * and @ * respectively and F, Q, W, X and Z are not called to use.

In Saskta, consonants represented with a stroke below e.g. as in k cannot be pronounced except in conjunction with a vowel marked * e.g. k (k) + A (a) = k (ka).

For easy pronunciation while reading or reciting, in some publications, the break-up of the transliteration is based on the phonetic sounds and not on the basis of Saskta grammer rules or words.

Many Sanskrit documents can be found on //sanskrit.gde.to/