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The real miracle: experiences of Mr. Sunder, Mr. V. Krishnan

The Real Miracle experiences of Mr. Sunder, a long time devotee of Swami. He narrates it as follows:

"I was knocking all possible doors trying to seek a solution to my personal wordly problems. In doing so, I finally met Swami. I was initially in awe of his miraculous powers and what I had come to hear about him from other devotees.

"As years went by, my problems still persisted and kept growing. Then I met Mr. Kannan, a magnetic personality and long time devotee of Swami, who used to perform the homams at the peetam. He slowly taught me day and night over the next 22 months about spiritualism and adhvaita. I could sense that I was going through a mental transformation as I started withdrawing from the routine of money earning business and spending more and more time with Swami whenever he was in Bombay. I spent the rest of my time reading Sai Baba's speeches and devoting time to service.

"With the active participation and blessings of Swami, the problems which in the first place brought me to Swami disappeared, finding me totally out of place in the material world. Then, a chain of events that threatened to pull me away from all that I had come to cherish, from Swami, took such a turn that today, I find myself ensconced safely at Swami's peetam, in his bosom.

"With my mind playing games, I went through phases where I felt like I was groping in the dark, filled with apprehension, for the first couple of years. Then, on deep contemplation, I finally understood the Real Miracle. Self enquiry made me recognize the pain and sacrifices that Swami must have undergone to reach the stage he is at, and in all earnestness, he was trying to inculcate the same attributes, the same bent of mind in me. I now realized why Swami termed his miracles such as materialization etc. as mere visiting cards. I was beginning to realize and experience the real miracle. I could realize the futility of multiple births, of worldly desires which along with a false sense of prestige had brought about my downfall, many unwanted relationships, the futility of not knowing real happiness.

"Looking back, I pray that when people are in grave difficulty, they should be fortunate like me to come across someone like Swami. Even if their perceived problems do not get resolved magically as they expect, they can rest assured that as long as they are under His umbrella, his benevolent grace, nothing untoward will ever happen. With patience and faith, any goal can be attained.

"Swami, the avyaja Karunamoorthi, showers love and grace on one and all, impartially without expectation. He is the Real Miracle. My changed heart and soul feel that there is no returning to the old loukikam, the wordly life and would rather choose death than a life that is not devoted to the attainment of the ultimate goal, to be one with Him, the ultimate."

Here is another fantastic experience of Mr. V. Krishnan with Swami and he narrates it as follows:

"I am a retired railway employee. After super-annuation, I moved out from Madras and got settled in New Bombay with my family.

"It was noon on 4th February 1997. When I sat for lunch, I suddenly noticed that I could not swallow any food nor was I able to drink water. Till then, I never had any throat problems and I was very normal. I could feel that there was something which obstructed my eating and drinking all of a sudden. All were highly alarmed and we at once went to a polyclinic at Panvel to consult an E.N.T specialist. After thoroughly checking me, he administered some emergency treatment. Nothing worked and so I was advised hospitalization by him for further treatment. I was administered glucose and saline water intravenously. After two days, he referred me to KEM hospital and there many doctors and specialists came and checked me and I was advised to go through various tests. They could not locate the precise cause for my sudden trouble. They started suspecting that it might be throat cancer and told me to go to Tata Memorial hospital which was well known for cancer treatment in Bombay. I was admitted there for a week. In spite of all the treatment, I could still neither eat nor drink. Many tests were carried out and finally they came to the conclusion that it was not cancer and they felt that it might be some neurological problem. About two weeks passed and I was becoming increasingly weak because of lack of food. I was discharged and I approached Dr. Kini, a neurologist and he started treating me. He advised me to take every thing including medicine only intravenously. He further said that he could not positively say when I would recover and said that it might take some months or years for me to regain my normal condition.

On 15th March, my wife had been to her brother Mr. Ganapathiraman's house at Santacruz. There she had Swami's darshan for the first time. Ganapathiraman introduced her to Swami and briefed Swami about my illness and bed-ridden condition and the misery prevailing. Swami immediately said that it might be because of a blood clot developed in the brain and it might have caused a stroke which in turn had damaged the swallowing system. He told Gomathi not to worry and that her husband would recover very soon and gave her a packet of sacred ash. He further asked her to give the vibuthi three times a day with little water, chanting 'Om Sri Shakthi Bagavathi Narayanee Namoh Namaha'. At once, Gomathi asked Swami how she could give her husband the vibuthi when he was not able to swallow or drink anything. Swami told her to try to give it to him by mouth and if she did not succeed she should at least try and give it to him by tube. Gomathi later came back home and told me about Swami and other details.

"My wife and I were totally surprised that Swami could point out the cause for my ailment without even seeing me while so many specialists in famous hospitals were not able to ascertain the exact cause for my suffering even after taking various tests. We felt a sort of relief and a ray of hope that maybe God has come in the form of Swami to help us out. On the very next day, my wife tried to give the sacred ash mixed with water by mouth, all the while praying for Devi's blessings. What a wonder it was! I could drink the entire glass without much difficulty. From that time onwards, I could drink water, juice etc. We informed our family doctor and also Dr. Kini whose treatment I was continuing till then. They were also totally surprised at the sudden development. The next day, Dr. Kini came home and removed the tube. I slowly started taking liquid diet for a week. Within a month, I recovered completely and started taking my normal food by mouth and I started leading a normal life.

"After a month, there was Devi pooja at my brother in law's house. My wife and I went there and I saw Swami for the first time. I fell at Swami's lotus feet and paid my obeisance to him. I expressed my sincere gratitude and thanked him for curing me. I could feel the divinity in his eyes.

Much later, in the year 1998, I was again bedridden with acute jaundice. The doctors told me that I was affected by hepatitis-B and I became very critical. According to doctors, the chances of my recovery were remote. My wife informed Swami immediately and he told her not to worry and said that Devi would definitely protect her husband. He came home and gave me some sandal paste. After that, within a week's time, all the yellow colour in my body started disappearing. Within ten days, I became normal. My family could not believe Swami's miraculous powers of healing and we were stunned at the grace of Swami, who showered his blessings on us though we knew him only for a short time. For all of us, he is the living Goddess who protects us. It became very certain that if one surrenders and has complete faith in Swami, he never lets anyone down and can save us even from severe calamity.