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'THOUGHT FOR THE DAY' table, near Poornachandra Auditorium, 2/10/1998

AUM SRI SAI RAM     2/10/98


   Devotion fosters the highest
virtue; it is the most precious
treasure, it is the truest path
the only way to God. Man must
live in Bhakti, for Bhakti, through
Bhakti. For, Bhakti is Love of the
purest and the noblest variety.
Such love is the breath that
sustains life, that supports the
soul in the effort to merge in the
super-soul. The years of life spent
without the Light of Love are
years of ruin, of dust and disease;
one could as well be dead, and decay
for ever.


ОМ ШРИ САИ РАМ     2/10/98


    Преданность развивает наивысшие достоинства; это наиболее драгоценное сокровище, это воистину единственный путь к Богу. Человек должен жить в Бхакти (Любви к Богу), ради Бхакти, посредством Бхакти. Ибо Бхакти - это Любовь самой чистой и достойной разновидности. Такая любовь является дыханием, которое поддерживает жизнь и придает душе силы в ее устремлении слиться со сверх-душой. Годы жизни, потраченные без Света Любви - это годы крушения, тлена и болезни; это все равно что быть мертвым, и угаснуть навеки.



Brindavan    29/04/2001
You are as distant from the Lord as you think you are, as near Him as you feel you are. Well, let Me tell you this: This distance from Me to you is the same as the distance from you to Me, is it not? But, you complain that I am far from you, though you are approaching nearer and nearer. How can that be? I am as near you as you are near Me.

Prashanthi Nilayam    23/11/2000
The day when you resolve to practice My advise, to follow My directives, to translate My message into acts of service, and to engage in spiritual discipline - that day is My birthday for you. The 23rd of November, which you now honour as the day on which I was born, is only like an other day if you celebrate it in a routine, ritual fashion. Adore man; the adoration reaches Me. Neglect man; you neglect Me. Of what avail is it to worship the Lord and to suppress man, His counterpart? Love for God must be manifested as Love for man, and Love for man must express itself as service.

Prashanthi Nilayam    17/2/2000
Люди молят Бога избавить их от всех трудностей и потерь. Это совершенно неправильный вид молитвы. Трудности должны быть преодолены. Путём преодоления трудностей можно испытать Божественность. Невозможно получить сок сахарного тростника, не выжимая его. Невозможно усилить блеск бриллианта, не обработав его и не придав ему много граней. Тело подобно стеблю сахарного тростника. Только когда оно пройдёт через различные трудности, вы сможете испытать сладкое блаженство самореализации. Эта сладость и есть сама Божественность. Где в человеке находится эта сладость? Она в каждом члене и органе.
Команда необыкновенно важна; когда Я прошу вас сделать что-то, это должно быть выполнено немедленно и с желанием. Вы можете попрощаться с медитацией и молитвенными бусинами, это не важно. Плод послушания гораздо более ценен, чем эти дисциплины.


Prashanthi Nilayam    6/1/2000
For every thing, love is essential. Life without love is barren. In ancient times, the gopikas immersed themselves in the vast principle of love, sow the seeds of love, and then with the force and emotion of love, let there be a downpour of love.
When the rivers of love flow, Krishna plays His melodious flute. The flowers, the fruit - everything is love. When you see that everything is full of love, your life will be full of bliss. Even when you meet many obstacles, the vision of love should not alter or change.
Prashanthi Nilayam    5/1/2000
When the principle of love is fostered in our hearts, we will have no doubts, and we will be able to spread the message of love. The one without love has doubts. Doubts cause confusion and make one adopt the wrong path. God's message is unsullied, pure, eternal, selfless and unchanging.
Prashanthi Nilayam    4/1/2000
Where there is love, there is no place for hatred. Today, because of the absence of love, hatred has entered and established itself in the heart of mankind. There is no unity among people. How can you partake of happiness without unity? If there is no joy, how can you attain divinity? It is impossible. Only through love can you accomplish anything. So, every individual must consider himself or herself to be a messenger of God.
Prashanthi Nilayam    3/1/2000
You should resolve to spread the voice of God. God's gospel is always good, related to the wellbeing of all mankind, imbued with compassion and righteousness and is in accordance with morality and integrity. Instead of propagating and spreading this highly sacred voice of God, we fall prey to spreading injustice, unrighteousness, untruth and evil conduct. The most important act is to spread the message of love. 

Prashanthi Nilayam    2/1/2000
The one who loves God is the Messenger of God. The one who is worthy of God's love is the child of God. The one who understands the unity and nondualism of the divine principle and derive bliss from it, personifies truth. Then, "The Father and the son are one".
So, foster love for God and become messengers of God. If you call yourself a "messenger of God", but conduct your life contrary to God's message, the message has no meaning. Such persons are not "messengers", but "messes", meaning they have lost their divinity.
Prashanthi Nilayam    1/1/2000
We are not able to understand individuality very well. The day that social and moral codes are followed, individuality will blossom. The day that value is given to integrity, the human personality will be revealed.
The meaning of vyakti is the one who expresses or manifests inherent divinity. Divinity is latent (hidden) in every person and in every living being. Therefore, every one must make the effort to spread the word of God. Every one must determine to propagate the message of God and spread peace and security to all. There is no better path than this.
Мы не способны понять индивидуальность очень хорошо. Индивидуальность расцветет тогда, когда общество будет следовать социальным и нравственным кодексам. Человеческая личность раскроет себя тогда, когда будет цениться честность (целостность).
Вьякти означает "тот, кто выражает или проявляет внутренне присущую ему божественность". Божественность скрыта в каждом человеке и в каждом живом существе. Поэтому, каждый должен прилагать усилия для распространения слова Бога. Каждый должен решиться распространять послание Бога и нести мир и уверенность всем. Нет лучшего пути, чем этот.
Prashanthi Nilayam    31/12/1999
Every person is a messenger; every one is sent by God as a messenger. The messenger is one who gives the message of God to all. But today, there are messengers who spread the Gospel of God. They are messengers of Yama (the God of death) who spread contradictory messages and create chaos. People should be saints (Avadhuta), not messengers of the God of death (Yamadhuta). Today, in the name of God, people cause harm to others. This violates the nature of human qualities.
Каждый является посланником; каждый послан Богом как посланник. Посланник - это тот, кто несет послание Бога всем. Но сегодня есть посланники, которые распространяют Евангелие Бога. Они посланники Ямы (Бога смерти), распространяющие противоречивые послания и создающие хаос. Люди должны быть праведниками (святыми, Авадхута), а не посланниками Бога смерти (Ямадхута). Сегодня, во имя Бога, люди причиняют зло другим. Это оскверняет природу человеческих качеств.
Prashanthi Nilayam    30/12/1999
The Vedas say, "salutations to any living being go directly to God". We think there is no meaning in saluting both the one who praises us and the one who criticizes us. Saluting the one who praises us is understandable, but what is the use of saluting the one who accuses us? We must have a continuous relationship with accusations, because without them, there is no beauty or value in being praised. Without criticism, appreciation loses its meaning. That is why, every word and every thought has some kind of obstacles. For the good, bad is a shadow. All opposites are interrelated - pleasure and pain, profit and loss - exist together.
Prashanthi Nilayam    29/12/1999
In creation, it is apparent that all matter and form are attractive and pleasing. God pervades the entire universe; its very form is full of love. God is the form of love. There is a connection between love and God. So strengthen your love. Then you can reach a state of nonduality.
Prashanthi Nilayam    28/12/1999
Christ was determined to make the giving and sharing of love His main objective in life. Such love was met with many obstacles and losses. Christ considered a true man to be one who could face obstacles and move forward with love.
Do not give in to obstacles, losses or pain. Do not be carried away with pleasure. Face everything with equanimity.
Prashanthi Nilayam    27/12/1999
Pleasure is an interval between two pains, and pain exists between two pleasures. Pain and pleasure take the same form. The end of pain is the beginning of pleasure. Love causes both pain and pleasure. This is called "divine love". People are unable to understand this divine, ever new, ever-fresh and fragrant love. They are attracted by ephemeral, transient, worldly love, and thereby they waste their lives.

Prashanthi Nilayam    26/12/1999

The one who is the recipient of such love will not succumb to adversity. Today, people react to praise and blame easily. Divine love will not make them elated when praised nor dejected when blamed. People may extol praise, criticize or blame, but divine love remains the same. Divine love treats pleasure and pain with equanimity; it will meet any obstacle. It is very difficult to know God, but it is easy to criticize Him. Mankind opts for the easy path and avoids the difficult path, which leads to truth.

Prashanthi Nilayam    25/12/1999

The important message which I want to convey today which Jesus also propagated, is one of love and compassion. So, boys and girls, on this holy and sacred day, when we celebrate the birthday of that holy personage, Jesus, we must conduct ourselves in accordance with His message. It is easy to celebrate birthdays, but we must also keep in mind the purity and message of the person whose birthday we celebrate.

Prashanthi Nilayam    24/12/1999

Before the wedding, who is the husband? Who is the wife? The love between a husband and wife begins only after a relationship is formed. This love has a definite beginning and end, so it cannot be termed true love. Love which is true and eternal, and drenched mankind in perennial bliss is love in its truest sense. All thoughts must be full of love. Each syllable must be soaked in love. The vision must be of love. This is divine love.

Prashanthi Nilayam    23/12/1999

True love exists before birth, during life and after death. That which exists in all times is real love. The love of mother and child is one that has emerged in between. What mother loved a child before it was born? What child loved its mother before it was born? The love between them takes shape only after the child's birth. So, it is an attachment that developed in the course of life. It is not true love.

Prashanthi Nilayam    22/12/1999

It is the primary duty of every person to understand the nature of this true love. The one who recognizes the nature of true love can never be led astray. What about relationship? All the concepts, which are attached to the word "love", have nothing to do with it in the real sense. The love between mother and child, between husband and wife, are taken as love. They are not love. They are relationships. They are finite, with a beginning and an end. But true and eternal love has neither a beginning nor an end.

Prashanthi Nilayam    21/12/1999

Love that expects nothing in return, that has no attributes and is unsullied, can bind you to God. Selfish and narrow-minded love will bind you to the world. But, people today have lost sight of true, eternal love and use it for small and mean purposes. As a consequence, they are bound to the world and experience unnecessary sorrow.

Prashanthi Nilayam    20/12/1999

Rivers with various names become one when they merge with the ocean. They lose their identity, taste and form when they become a part of the ocean. The river of love also flows in many forms to meet the ocean of the heart, and takes its name and form. There is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved through love; it can accomplish anything.

Prashanthi Nilayam    19/12/1999

Love exists for love, and does not expect anything in return. Love is not mercenary. It does not involve give and take like a business. Love finds joy in giving. Everything is love. Love does not watch through physical eye; it knows the heart. Love does not hear through the ears; it listens with peace. Love does not talk with words; it talks with compassion. Love, compassion and mercy are synonyms. Love is immortal, eternal, blissful and like nectar. Love originates from the heart; the heart full of such love is broad and vast.

Prashanthi Nilayam    18/12/1999

Devotees should realize that what matters is the intensity of feelings. Kabirdas declared that he could not attain God by spiritual exercises of any kind. But he said that there was one most powerful weapon with him to realize God. That was his love for God. With that love he could bind God. God submits only to the power of the devotee's love. Without love all forms of worship are of no use. That was why the Gopikas appealed to Krishna to fill their parched hearts with the love flowing from His flute so that saplings of love could sprout in their hearts.
Преданные должны осознать, что только глубина чувства имеет значение. Кабир заявил, что никакие духовные упражнения не позволили ему достичь Бога. Но он сказал, что у него было одно наиболее могущественное средство, чтобы осознать Бога. Это была его любовь к Богу. Этой любовью ему удалось связать Бога. Бог покоряется только силой любви преданного. Без любви все формы поклонения бесполезны. По этой причине пастушки взывали к Кришне наполнить их иссушенные сердца любовью, текущей из Его флейты, чтобы ростки любви могли прорасти в их сердцах.

Prashanthi Nilayam    17/12/1999

There is love in every one of you. Develop that love. Share it with others. When you have this love there is no need for you to go in search of ashrams. There are some foolish persons who go on hopping from one ashram to another. This is sheer folly. There is no need to go anywhere. The Divine is in your heart. Adhere to one belief firmly. Do not change your faith from day to day. Follow one path with firm faith. That is the Love principle.

Prashanthi Nilayam    16/12/1999

Love and compassion are inherent in every person. Love has to be shared with others. Failure to share one's love is a gross ingratitude to society to which one owes everything. One should give one's love freely to others and receive love in return. This is the deep significance of human life.

Prashanthi Nilayam    15/12/1999

Only the sense of spiritual unity will generate universal love. That love alone will bind man together in unity. This love principle should emanate from the heart. Only then will true unity emerge.
It should be realized that the divinity in human beings cannot be measured in terms of worldly goods. It has to be measured in terms of love. Mankind has to understand the love principle. When there is love, there will be no hatred. Without hatred, there will be no threat to peace in society. To ensure peace, society has to promote love. This means that the mind has to be filled with loving thoughts.

Prashanthi Nilayam    14/12/1999

Man may love the body, the mind, the Buddhi (the intellect) or the Antahkarana (the inner instrument). Love for the body ends with the death of the body. Love for the mind results in bondage because of the aberration of the mind. Love for the intellect results in endless speculation and inquiry. Love for the Antahkarana promotes the ego feeling. It encourages dualism - separation from God. Only the one who realizes his oneness with the Atma can experience infinite bliss - the bliss that is eternal.
Человек может любить свое тело, ум, буддхи (проницательность) или антахкарану (внутренний инструмент, восстанавливающий с нашей стороны осознаваемую связь с Тем). Любовь к телу прекращается со смертью тела. Любовь к уму приводит к рабству из-за заблуждений и помрачения ума. Любовь к буддхи приводит к бесконечным умозрениям и исследованиям. Любовь к антахкаране развивает чувство эго. Все это способствует дуализму - отделенности от Бога. Только осознавший свое единство с Атмой может испытывать блаженство - блаженство, которое вечно.

Prashanthi Nilayam    13/12/1999

The cosmos is said to be illusory (mithya) and the Absolute (Brahman) alone is real. This is not correct. The cosmos (jagat) is also real. When you have the love-filled vision, the whole cosmos appears permeated by the Absolute. When you see the world with the physical eye, it appears as a bundle of miseries from birth to death. Love of God is the only way out of this misery.

Prashanthi Nilayam    12/12/1999

Only one thing is permanent, and that is divine love. It connects heart to heart, love to love, so we must develop love. Especially these days, due to loss of love, the world has become callous and cruel. Where there is love, there is no hatred, so all must live in unity and harmony. We should have affection and a feeling of oneness. When there is unity, there is purity. When there is no unity or purity, then enmity or ill will are found, and they will grow.

Prashanthi Nilayam    11/12/1999

Some love God as the Mother, others as the Father. Some love God as dearest and closest friend. There are others who regard God as the Beloved, the only desired goal. They all endeavour to merge their love with the Ocean of Love, that God is. Wherever Love is evident, take it that it is God's own Love. God is the greatest lover of mankind. Therefore, when any one decides to serve man whom He loves, God showers Grace in plenty. When the human heart melts at the suffering of others and expands as a result of that sympathy, believe that God is present there. That is the sign of the validity of the path of devotion.

Prashanthi Nilayam    10/12/1999

God is eternal - existing before man's birth and continuing after his death. The Divine is without a beginning or an end. True love means the Love of God. When a man and a woman weds it is called "marriage". But when the Jivatma (the individual soul) unites with Paramaatma (the omniself), it is called "merger".

Prashanthi Nilayam    9/12/1999

Fear and anxiety get entrenched in a heart devoid of love. A heart filled with love of the Divine will enjoy peace and be totally free from fear. True love is not a momentary feeling. In the eternal spirit of man, love shines as a pure and eternally effulgent flame.

Prashanthi Nilayam    8/12/1999

Love dwells in man as Atma (the spirit). The body has been described as the temple of God. In this temple, love is enshrined as Atma. Such sacred and pure love can dwell only in a pure heart.
The flowers, the fruit - everything is love. When you see that everything is full of love, your life will be full of bliss. Even when you meet many obstacles, the vision of love should not alter or change.

Prashanthi Nilayam    7/12/1999

Students and young men who profess devotion to God must be prepared to declare openly that they adore and love Bhagawan for no reason except that He is God. "My experience is the basis of my faith", should be their answer. For devotion to God, only two things are needed: faith and experience. Both these are rooted in Love.

Prashanthi Nilayam    6/12/1999

That is not true love, which wanes from moment to moment and waxes from time to time. Only the love that is unchanging and shines brightly always in the heart is true love. It is unaffected by joy or sorrow, praise or blame. Such love is true devotion. A love that grows or declines according to varying circumstances is not true love at all.

Prashanthi Nilayam    5/12/1999

Love is eternal. You are the embodiment of Love. You are the embodiment of Peace. You are the embodiment of Truth. You are the embodiment of God. It is only when this supreme truth is realized and our life is based on it that our love and life can be sanctified. Then love can make our life meaningful and enable us to comprehend the world.

Prashanthi Nilayam    4/12/1999

Man's purity is manifest when human relations are based on heart to heart, and love to love. Love has the form of a triangle, with three arms. Love (Prema) does not seek anything in return. Where an individual offers love in expectation of a return, fear over takes him. The one who loves with no expectation of any return is totally free from fear. Love knows only to give, not to receive. Such a love is free from fear. For true love, love is its own reward. Thus, love seeks no return, is free from fear and has its own reward. These are the basic features of true love.

Prashanthi Nilayam    3/12/1999

The only wealth one can carry with him after death is the love of the Lord. One should strive to earn that wealth during life. This can be done only by selfless devotion and love. To earn God's love, one has to dedicate one's time, body and actions to the service of the Lord.

Prashanthi Nilayam    2/12/1999

The love of God is the foremost reward to be attained in human life. It is more precious than all the wealth in the world. All wealth and position are obtained by the love and grace of the Divine.
The term Bhagawan means the one who is capable of lighting the Divine effulgence, the illumination of wisdom, the Eternal Light of the soul. Can there be anything greater than earning the love of such an omniscient Lord? There is nothing on earth or beyond it which is equal to Divine Love. To make all endeavours to earn that love is the whole purpose and meaning of human existence.

Prashanthi Nilayam    1/12/1999

A peaceful mind is the abode of love. Love is inherent in man, but like a seed that has to be nourished by manure and water, love in man has to be fostered by dedicated service. Love is a sacred quality. It is like nectar. A man who has tasted the immortal sweetness of Divine Love will not desire anything else in the world. Life must be a constant manifestation of Love.

Prashanthi Nilayam    30/11/1999

Sri Krishna, time and again teaches us to cultivate Prema (Love) to counter anger, envy, jealousy and pride.
Prema knows no hatred
Prema knows no selfishness
Prema seeks no rewards
Prema ever gives but never takes.
The principle of Love is Divinity itself. God is the embodiment of Love. He can be realized only by promoting Prema in us.

Prashanthi Nilayam    29/11/1999

Love is the most direct means of attaining God. One has to love all, without distinction, for the Lord resides in everyone, and He is the embodiment of Love. There are three obstacles which stand in the way of the full free flow of love from man to God. They are man's inveterate foes - desire, anger and greed.

Prashanthi Nilayam    28/11/1999

There are two forms of love. One binds you to God. The other binds you to the world. The mind is responsible for either of these states. It is like a lock. If you turn the key to the right, the lock opens. If you turn the key to the left, it gets locked. The heart is the key to the lock of the mind. If you turn the key towards the world, you have attachment (bondage). You must see that desire and hatred do not get lodged in the mind.

Prashanthi Nilayam    27/11/1999

The body has been described as the temple of God. You must fill yourself with the feeling that God is in you, beside you, around you, and with you wherever you go. When you love God with this consciousness, the love results in self-realization.

Prashanthi Nilayam    26/11/1999

Natural resources and wealth are now being misused for the boosting of one's ego. But when the Atmic unity is realized, they will promote the new way of life through love. What is now "mercy" or legally enforced mutual "help" will then be transformed into "Divine Love" that can effectively purify the recipient and the giver. This action is beyond the region of common politics, ethics or economics.

Prashanthi Nilayam    25/11/1999

True education can be summed up in one word: Love, all-encompassing love. A life without love is worse than death. The cultivation of love is the greatest need today. There is no use in acquiring all kinds of knowledge and performing of japas and meditation if there is no love in the heart. It is love alone which can save the world.

Prashanthi Nilayam    24/11/1999

Everyone has passed through numberless lives in the past, lives spent in utter selfishness. So egoistic impulses enslave him drastically even now, preventing unselfish love from sprouting and spreading. God seeks in man Love and Law. Love has to be regulated by Law. Without Law, Love cannot expand. It will be narrow and crooked. They are the negative and the positive.

Prashanthi Nilayam    23/11/1999

Life should rest on the four pillars of Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi and Prema, which hold it firm against the turbulent waves of joy and grief. Of these four, Prema is the crucial support. For it is the very breath, the sole purpose of life. Love God and acquire the strength to meet the upsets of life. Love liquidates the blows of fate. Love blends and binds the parents with the child. Love sanctifies and glorifies the body.

Prashanthi Nilayam    22/11/1999

The wise man does not hate anyone. He does not belittle or hurt anyone. What is it that prompts you to love another? The urge to love and be loved is inherent in every one. So, when you deny love or when you hate, you are hurting not only the person but the Universal Principle, the Divine Nature itself.

Prashanthi Nilayam    21/11/1999

People display devotion and earnestness in the presence of Swami, but act in a contrary fashion when they are away from Swami. This is not a sign of true devotion. Devotion means wholehearted love for Bhagawan. Such love can tame even wild animals. It is only when your hearts are filled with such love that you can claim to be devotees. You must show that love to anyone whom you see or talk to and in every one of your actions.

Prashanthi Nilayam    20/11/1999

Meditation means offering the flower of love to the Divine. In the rose plant of our body, there is the rose of pure and sacred love emitting the fragrance of good qualities. Below the rose, however, there are thorns in the form of sensual desires. The purpose of meditation is to separate the rose of selfless love from the senses and offer it to God.

Prashanthi Nilayam    2/11/99

To presume that either from wealth or from kith and kin you can derive mental peace is a great error. Such peace comes only from God. In fact, there is no strength superior to Love. Where Love is, there everything is. So you must live in God, and live in Love. Then everything shall be right. You must also make others live in Love.

Brindavan   2/11/99

If you aspire for shanthi, peace, equanimity, the basic thing is to have faith that nature is temporary. Be engaged in the uninterrupted contemplation of the changeless Godhead chosen by you.
Если вы стремитесь к достижению шанти, покоя, невозмутимости, то основой для этого является вера в то, что природа - это нечто преходящее, временное. Будьте вовлечены в непрерывное созерцание неизменной Божественности, выбранной вами.

Brindavan   1/11/99

Every sadhaka must needs enter the path of enquiry. Then only can the conviction dawn and grow that nature, and all the learning connected with nature, are unreal. They are to be experienced and learnt as necessary adjuncts to existence only. They should not be mistaken to be the highest knowledge, the unchanging Eternal Truth. That mistake, if committed, leads to ashanthi, an agitated mind.
Каждый садхака (духовно ищущий) должен стремиться встать на путь исследования. Только тогда может возникнуть и утвердиться убеждение в том, что природа и все знания, связанные с природой, являются нереальным. Они должны быть познаны и изучены только в качестве придатков, необходимых для существования. Они не должны ошибочно восприниматься как высшее знание, неизменная Извечная Истина. Такая ошибка, если она совершена, ведет к ашанти, возбужденному и взволнованному уму.

Brindavan   31/10/99

First you must know your own full address: Who are you? The Atma. Whence did you come? From Atma. Where are you going? To the Atma. How long will you be here? So long as being engaged in sensual pursuits. Where are you? In unreal and ever-changing. In what form? As anatma? What are you engaged in? In evanescent tasks. Therefore what should you do hereafter? Give this up and try the other three: To enter the eternal, to engage in never-changing tasks, and try to merge with Atma.
Перво-наперво вы должны знать ваш собственный полный адрес: Кто вы? Атма. Откуда вы пришли? Из Атмы. Куда вы идете? К Атме. Как долго вы будете находиться здесь? До тех пор, пока вы будете вовлечены в погоню за чувственными удовольствиями. Где вы находитесь? В нереальном и постоянно меняющемся месте. В какой форме? Как анатма? Во что вы вовлечены? В мимолетные и преходящие задачи. Следовательно, что вы должны делать, начиная с этого момента? Отказаться от всего этого и стараться следовать другим трем принципам: вступить на путь вечного, заниматься такими задачами, значимость которых не подвержена влиянию времени, и пытаться раствориться в Атме.

Brindavan   30/10/99

Alas man has forgotten the task for which he has come, ignored the question whence he came, closed his eyes as to where he is, diverted his intelligence towards amusement and creature comforts and wasted all his powers. What a tragedy! If in this most propitious human birth the Godhead is not sought, when else is man to succeed?
Увы, человек, забыв о задаче, ради которой он приходит, пренебрег вопросом о том, зачем он пришел, закрыл свои глаза на то, где он находится, увел свой ум в сторону развлечений и создания удобств, и растратил все свои силы. Какая трагедия! Если в этом наиболее благоприятном человеческом рождении Божественность не найдена, когда же еще человеку удастся достичь ее?

Brindavan   29/10/99

It is through Viveka (discrimination) and Vairagya (renunciation) that man understands who he really is. The Lord has blessed only man with these two faculties. Without these two, it is impossible to know the Lord. He has endowed man with these so that he might use them for the purpose.
Вивека (различение) и Вайрагья (отреченность, непривязанность) являются теми средствами, с помощью которых человек понимает, кем он является на самом деле. Господь благословил только человека этими двумя качествами. Без них невозможно познать Господа. Он наделил человека ими для того, чтобы тот мог использовать их для этой цели.

Prashanthi Nilayam    16/9/98

The Avatar is Atmasakthi that has put on the raiment of Kriyasakthi and Yogasakthi. Generally Avatar, or the process of Incarnation, is described as a 'coming down' from a higher status to a lower one. But, no! When the baby in the cradle weeps, wails and clamours for help, the mother stoops and takes it up in her arms; her stoop is not to be described as a 'coming down'. If you earn the necessary credentials, the Incarnation will come and save you. If, on the other hand, you multiply your demerits and descend lower and lower, how can you be saved?