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A locket created by Baba

(magnified x 2.5)

Baba is the Inner Resident of the Lingam, the symbol of the formless Divine Principle latent in Man; the Real Self and the final goal in which all names and forms achieve their fulfilment. The three tiered Peetha (base) beneath the Lingam represents the three gunas; Sathwa, Rajas and Thamas; the Pure, the Active and the Dull, which have to be maintained in perfect balance and finally transcended to reach the goal symbolised by the Lingam. The serpent signifies the poisonous tendencies of the uncontrolled senses. These have to be controlled and directed along proper channels. Usually, a leaf, a flower, a fruit and water are offered at the Lotus feet of the Lord, for Worship. Baba says that the leaf which is offered to God, is the leaf of the human body purified by the intake of Sathwic food, through all the five senses. The flower to be offered is the flower of a pure heart, without any trace of desire, anger, greed, attachment, pride and hate. The fruit is the innocent mind that has no desire for the fruit of one's actions; and the tears of joy which well up from the ananda in one's heart, is the water for the Abhishek. Sometimes, a talisman like this one turns dark after it has been worn for sometime by the devotee. Baba says that such objects impart their Divine light to the wearer and extract the thamas or darkness in return. That is why they turn black.