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Why does Baba produce the Lingam from within Himself on Mahasivaratri night?

"It is not possible for you to understand the Divine and gauge Its potentials or know the significance of Its manifestation. In order to bear witness to the fact that Divinity is amongst you, it becomes necessary for Me to express this attribute of Mine. Otherwise the atmosphere of hatred, greed, envy, cruelty, violence and irreverence, will overwhelm the good, the humble and the pious. The Lingam is a symbol of the Beginningless and Endless or the Infinite. Its shape is like a Nirakaar. 'Li' stands for Liyathe meaning That in which all names and forms merge; and 'Gam' stands for Gamayathe meaning That towards which all forms proceed. It is the fittest symbol of the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Lord. Everything starts from it and everything is subsumed in it." - Baba.

In His previous body as Pathri Sai, the young Babu used to worship the Lingam in a Moslem Mosque and recite the Koran in loud and clear tones in Hindu Temples. He had brought both the communities to His doorstep, the Masjid Dwarkamayi at Shirdi and when He left His body, both the Hindus and Moslems claimed Him as their own. As Parthi Sai, He produces a Lingam with the markings of a Star and a Crescent, symbolic of Islam and further. He invests a Zoroastrian child with a Yagnopavitam. This is the sacred thread of the Brahmins, traditionally denied even to some Hindus. He also makes the Brahmin Vedic pundits teach the Purusha Sukta to His College boys and girls, once again traditionally recited only by male Brahmins. Has anyone the capacity or the authority to question the mandates of the Veda- purusha who manifests the Lingodbhava? By such acts Baba transcends the barriers of caste, creed, race, religion and goes beyond the limits of Ordinary Prakriti Dharma, to demonstrate the oneness of all humanity living in a Society, harmoniously established in an Adhyatmic State of Life. This is the real meaning of Dharma Sthapana.

Picture inset shows a Jyoti Lingam (top left and bottom right) with a cup-shaped flame in the form of a trishul (trident). The flame was changing colours every ten minutes. Baba is seen holding a Lingam with the Star and the Crescent, pointing to the essential unity of Islamic Faith and Sanathana Dharma.


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