: ➤ Athma nivedanam


Athma nivedanam

If I am flower, Thou art its fragrance
If I am milk, Thou art its water
If I am music, Thou art its melody
If I am honey, Thou art a bee
If I am mind, Thou art positive thoughts
If I am ocean, Thou art its depth
If I am bow, Thou art an arrow
If I am word, Thou art its meaning
If I am clock, Thou art its mainspring
If I am Devi, Thou art Her Grace
If I am Jyothi, Thou art its flame
If I am mother, Thou art Her love
If I am disciple, Thou art Guru
If I am rainbow, Thou art colours
If I am Om, Thou art its holiness
If I am Sakthi, Thou art Siva
If I am Radha, Thou art Krishna
If I am breath, Thou art life
If I am action, Thou art its force
If I am a manthra, Thou art the scripture
If I am food. Thou art its nourishment
If I am transmitter, Thou art generator
If I am planet, Thou art sun
If I am a path, Thou art destination
If I am servant, Thou art master
If I am raindrop, Thou art cloud.

Oh! Divine Mother Swami

Thou art in me, I am Thine. Without Thee I am none. Make me Thy instrument to carry out Thy will. Bless me so that my speech, thought and action are always attuned to Thee. Bless me to do the right thing at the right time. Let me love every one as Thy loves me. Thy grace has brought me to this world to enact the drama which my karma binds me to. Being born human, I may have done wrong due to my karma. Am I not pardonable? I surrender totally at Thy divine feet begging for pardon. Thou art the embodiment of Chothanikkara Devi, showering limitless grace on Thy devotees who flock to Thee for protection. Let me spend the rest of my life in Thy service. Bless me to see Thy presence in everything. Kindly wipe out my ego. I pray that the divine interaction I had with Thee leads me to the divine inner action.

Om Sri Sakthi Bagavathi Narayanee Namoh Namaha
Om Sadguru Gnanananda
Parabrahma Swarooopinyai Namaha
Sarvam Jyothirmayam
Sarvam Gnanandamayam
Sarvam Brahmamayam
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bavanthu
Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi


Arul Siddha Vaidyam Nature therapy

Our human body and its functioning is one of the most wonderful creations of the divine. Our body is designed to maintain normal health with proper care and attention to certain basic principles. Disease is a result of a lifestyle violating these basic principles. It is however, very gratifying that mother nature has provided us with abundant materials and methods to overcome disease and get back the lost health. These methods are extremely simple and very inexpensive, so one can easily obtain them with ease.

Swami, at various times, has suggested wonderful cures for common ailments as well as serious and dreaded diseases. Some of these cures are given below. Treatment should be continued till the cure is complete. The time period for a cure may vary for each individual. It also depends on your level of faith in the treatment.

Ailment: conjunctivitis, burning eyes, mature cataract, improving eyesight

Cover mint leaves in a wet cloth and tie it around the eyes before sleeping at night. For those suffering from a mature cataract, fry mint leaves in a pan till dry. Turn off the stove, and add a glass of buttermilk to the leaves. Drink it with a pinch of salt.

Ailment: Ear pain, sleep walking, sleep talking

Wet two cotton balls and plug them well inside each ear at bed time. These will dry off and fall by the morning. Continue the same until relief.

Ailment: snoring

Put 2 drops of clove oil into each nostril before going to bed or tie a wet towel around the stomach while sleeping.

Ailment: cough

Slightly warm one teaspoon of honey. Add powdered black pepper and squeeze tulsi leaves to it. A single dose of this potion stops cough and removes congestion.

Ailment: sinusitis

Strongly inhale clove oil.

Ailment: Migraine, one sided headache

Boil a glass of water at night and add a spoon of cumin seeds. Cover with a lid. Drink this early morning on an empty stomach. Also cover your eyes with mint leaves soaked in a wet cloth before sleeping at night. Ladies should start treatment 3 days before the menstrual cycle and continue till 3 days after.

Ailment: bleeding gums, weak teeth

Chew neem leaves daily along with the stem. If you have toothache apply 2 drops of clove oil at the point of pain.

Ailment: Throat infection, hoarse voice

Make a mixture of powdered black pepper and sugar. Keep this in your mouth so that it touches the inner part of the tongue.

Ailment: diabetes

Boil a glass of water at night and add a spoon of cumin seeds. Cover with a lid. Next morning strain the cumin seeds and add fenugreek (mendheyam) seeds to the strained water. The following morning, strain the fenugreek seeds and drink the water on an empty stomach. Continue for a few days.

Ailment: thyroid deficiency

Drink a glass of goat milk every day till improvement.

Ailment: heart ailments, kidney stones, stomach ache

Walk backwards slowly for 100 meters. Then go forward slowly for the same distance. Do this 2 to 3 times. Then go for a brisk walk. This exercise helps to regulate blood circulation.

Ailment: chest pain following bypass surgery

Three months after a bypass surgery frequent pain occurs in the chest. Apply warm coconut oil over the chest area ten minutes before taking bath.

Ailment: reduction of bloated stomach

Keep kasturi manjal (dry turmeric) standing in an upright position on a bed of fried sand. Lie on this such that the stomach touches the turmeric and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Continue till fat disappears.

Ailment: reduction of fat for ladies

Apply kasturi manjal over your face daily before taking bath. Turmeric helps to burn fat deposits faster. The treatment is most effective when the smell of the turmeric is felt while applying.

Ailment: menopause problems

Soak fenugreek seeds in boiled water at night and drink this the following morning on an empty stomach or apply honey to betel leaf and chew.

Ailment: stomach (gas) trouble, body pain, rheumatic joint pains

Soak cumin seeds in boiled water at night and cover the vessel. Drink this the following morning on an empty stomach.

Ailment: piles

Make a cushion filled with dry pearl onion skin and sit on it daily.

Ailment: poisoning due to insect bites

Chew 7 pieces of small black pepper.

Ailment: spondilitis, low back pain, shoulder pain, postrecovery care of fractured arms and legs

Fill 4 cloth bags with about a kilo each of common salt. Carry 2 bags, one on each side of the affected area. These bags should be in contact with bare skin. Walk briskly so that you sweat profusely and your body absorbs the salt. Continue this till you obtain relief.

Ailment: burns caused by boiling water

Add turmeric powder to writing ink and apply over affected area.

Ailment: for normal delivery and proper position of the infant in the womb

During the 9th month, pregnant ladies are advised to lie on their sides for a few minutes instead of always lying flat on their back. This would ensure that the child in the womb comes in contact with the ground. They are also advised to lie on hard surfaces.

Ailment: tuberculosis

Mix egg white, plain roasted peanut without skin (no salt, honey) and jaggery (molasses) thoroughly and consume.

Ailment: skin allergy due to contaminated water

Mix gram flour, coconut oil and asafoetida (hing) powder into a fine paste. Apply over affected area.

Ailment: acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

This is caused due to white blood corpuscles (wbc) becoming dormant. These wbc will be revitalized if the affected person can keep himself soaked in an algae infested pond for at least 2 hours daily for a month.

General advice for good health

Take 2 cups of cold water on empty stomach every morning. This cleans the liver and purifies the blood.