: ➤ Divine teachings


Divine teachings

Life events are a mode for you to train yourself in identifying divinity in all things that we see around us. Then the divinity will respond to you just the way it responds to Swami.

⁘ There is none to listen to the divine words of God (our own divine conscience) but there are many to listen and act on another man's words.

⁘ If you observe silence and practice fortitude, the divine wisdom will automatically dawn on you.

⁘ If you understand yourself completely, know who you really are, you can conquer the world.

⁘ One should constantly examine one's own devotion and faith towards God to receive proper blessings from Him.

⁘ Do not search for God elsewhere. God is within you. The one who has realized this completely, is a great Gnani.

⁘ When we close our eyes after seeing a pleasant sight, it disappears. But when one visualizes that scene within one's thought, it is more lasting and gives happiness to the mind.

⁘ The reward one gets for a task is directly proportional to the effort one puts into it.

⁘ Action, speech and thought should always be the same. Then the divine blessings come depending upon one's faith and sincerity. This is not book learning but this is the philosophy of life.

⁘ Constantly enquire who am I? When you get the answer that God is within you, that is the first step in the path of spirituality.

⁘ Bad eating habits are the main cause of disease. Eat only when you are really hungry. Skipping a meal is much better than having to eat medicines.

⁘ If your heart and mind are pure, there is no need to chant mantras.

⁘ Man may act according to his status but status will not act as per man's wish. It is ephemeral.

⁘ Actions can be forgotten but their effect is permanent.

⁘ Forget the wounds caused by miseries, but do not forget the lessons learned from them.

⁘ Bad habits appear as co-travelers initially in the journey of life. But they slowly become our guests and finally, they become our rulers.

⁘ Wounds caused by fire can be healed but hurt done by your tongue never heals.

⁘ Strong determination and will power will definitely enable one to overcome biggest of calamities.

⁘ Even if you blow the conch as many times as possible, the day will break as per its own schedule.

⁘ There is a limit for God's tests but His grace is limitless.

⁘ Prayer should be the key to open and close one's day.

⁘ There is no medicine for jealousy.

⁘ Have faith and be trustworthy.

⁘ Eat to live but do not live to eat.

⁘ When one is wealthy, one does not know oneself, but when wealth disappears, none will know you.

⁘ The one who commits error is human. The one who realizes the error, apologizes and asks for pardon is a saint. The one who does not commit any error is God.

⁘ Man's actions can never be concealed from God since He is the supreme judge.

⁘ Friendship of good people is much better than that of rich people.

⁘ Hunger, thirst and sleep are human nature but greed, anger and lust are the animal's nature.

⁘ A husband's true love is the most valuable gift for a wife.

⁘ There is nothing like good or bad. It is all in the mind.

⁘ Only fools take pleasure in other's sufferings.

⁘ Bad actions will flourish fast and vanish fast.

⁘ Accidents cause fear and fear causes accidents.

⁘ Wealth if lost, will come back but character once lost is lost forever.

⁘ Wealth and woman, like the wind will go on changing direction like the weather cock.

⁘ Just as a tail is very important for a fox, the tongue is crucial for a woman.

⁘ Eat food as per your taste but dress yourself as per others' taste.

⁘ Character is to a man what fragrance is to a flower.

⁘ Seek advice from all but you alone should take the final decision.

⁘ Knowingly doing a wrong thing is a disease. Repenting is the medicine for it.

⁘ One who is immersed in any art form tends to forget his worries.

⁘ Where there is selfless devotion, there lies the eternal bliss.

⁘ Admitting one's own fault is the height of one's self respect.

⁘ A thing that is lost because of anger will not come back easily. Anger eclipses the brain.

⁘ If you want to lead a peaceful life, never be suspicious.

⁘ The faithless heart will cheat even the brain.

⁘ The roots of hard work are bitter but its fruit is very sweet.

⁘ Hypocrisy is a cover for those pretending to be good.

⁘ Jealousy is nothing but an inferiority complex.

⁘ Excessive anger and passion will ruin you.

⁘ Life is the principal you got from God when born. Your good deeds are the interest you earn on it unto death.

⁘ Victory does not solely depend upon work but depends on planning and execution.

⁘ Where the ocean of true and sincere devotion to God flows, there the eternal bliss from God floods instantaneously.

⁘ A man brimming with evil thoughts digs his own grave.

⁘ Life devoid of discipline ends in death bereft of any respect.

⁘ A quarrelsome couple and a perturbed house is hell.

⁘ Mirror and love, if broken cannot be put together again.

⁘ A thing of beauty may be a joy but it can empty your purse.