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A few other miraculous events occurred

   A few other miraculous events occurred. Swami had predicted well in advance to Iyer that his brother-in-law at Pune would soon be blessed with a baby boy and that there would be a birth mark like a namam (U) on the child's forehead. After six months, when the baby was born with a namam on its forehead, everyone was convinced of Swami's mystic powers.

   Iyer's daughter Usha had applied for jobs after finishing her computer engineering degree course. She was a little upset since she did not get any definite replies. She prayed for Swami's blessings. He told her that she would get a job on the forthcoming August 5th and if she accepted that job, she would be very successful at her work. On 4th of August, Usha was all alone at home and her parents had gone for work. She got a phone call from a computer firm named Think Systems. They asked her to appear for an interview that day at 3 pm in Centaur Hotel. She talked to her father Iyer on phone at his place of work and as per his advice, she went for the interview with two other college friends of hers. With complete faith in Swami, she proceeded to the hotel for the interview and did very well at the interview. She was selected and was asked to join from the very next day itself. After returning, she narrated all the events to her parents. They were all overjoyed and amazed at Swami's divine powers. She joined work on August 5th as per Swami's advice.

   After working for a month, Usha did not like the job and felt like resigning. She expressed her intention of leaving the job to her parents but was advised to continue as Swami had told them that she would do well in that job. She continued working there, but grudgingly. As time progressed, she slowly started liking the job. That company's main office was in the US. She was to be sent there for training. With Swami's grace, within a week she got her passport and later the visa. She proceeded to the US, where she continues to work in a good position. Later, Swami made all arrangements for her marriage and with his blessings and grace, she got married and is living happily with her husband and son in the States.

   After learning from Swami that their family deity was Mariamman, Iyer and his wife proceeded to Mayavaram (their native place) to the Mariamman temple. They paid the necessary dues for conducting the pooja and abhishekam to the deity of the temple in the morning. The priest had told the Iyers that the pooja and abhishekam would be done only at noon and not earlier. But Swami told them to come to the temple at 7 am in the morning. Accordingly Iyer and his wife went to the temple at seven next morning. Swami had arrived there a little earlier and was waiting for the Iyers in front of the Devi sannadhi. The moment Iyers entered, Swami materialized a big and a small silk pavadai (skirt) for Devi. The Conch and the dress were handed over to the priest to be kept near Devi. A brief pooja was done to Devi and offerings made after the priest had done the alankaram with the pavadai and garlands for Devi. Swami told the Iyers that he had already done abhishekam in tanthric way to Devi and there was no need for them to wait there till noon. He asked them to accompany him and they left with Swami fully convinced that their offerings and prayers had indeed reached the Goddess. The divine power of Swami was experienced by the couple right in front of the Goddess as if to prove that Devi and Swami were one and the same, inseparable. Though the priest knew of the siddhis of Swami, he could not understand what was happening and was wondering why the Iyers left with Swami without witnessing the abhishekam to the Goddess in the noon after coming all the way from Bombay and paying money for the pooja. Later, the temple priest shared his feelings with one of Iyer's relatives who had gone to the temple after the Iyers had left. But Iyer's sister who was also visiting the temple knew Swami's power and explained to the relative and the priest about Swami and his divine powers. She assured them there was a very good reason for her brother and his wife going away with Swami.

   Mr. Venkatasubramanian (K.V.S. Mani) is one of the devotees associated with Swami for many years. His son Kannan and daughter-in-law are settled in the United States. Once his daughter-in-law was very sick and admitted in the hospital and was advised surgery. This news was conveyed to Swami by Mani. Swami immediately replied that in his daughter-in-law's house, the family deity was Lord Perungallur Sastha (Lord Ayyappan) and told them to pray to this deity. He further said that the parents had forgotten over the years to worship that Lord and consoled them telling them not to panic and that there would be no need for surgery. He further instructed Kannan that he should visit the family deity with his wife as early as possible when he next visited India. As per Swami's advice, Kannan prayed to the Lord and took a vow to go over to the temple when he visited India. His wife was not given any solid food in the hospital and was on liquid diet of fresh juice and water. The juice bottle had a label "made by Sastha". When Kannan and his wife noticed that, they were stunned. After three days her condition improved and the doctor said that there was no need for operation and they returned home. Swami's grace has the divine power to wipe out any calamity.

   Another event occurred in Mr. Mani's life. He went to a nearby devotee's house to have darshan of Swami. He was with Swami for over 4 hours. Later, at 10.30 pm, when he wanted to take leave of Swami, he could not get up. His left leg got twisted and he was not able to get up and walk. Two devotees helped him to lie on the bed. Swami gave him the divine sandal paste and also massaged his leg with the sandal paste. Even after half an hour he could not get up and walk. Swami asked a couple of devotees to help him to go home. Somehow with great difficulty he reached home and slept. Next day was Wednesday — there was pada pooja for Gnananandar in the house where Swami was staying. Mani was feeling bad that it would not be possible for him to go for the pooja and he stayed back reluctantly at home. Swami asked one devotee to go and bring Mani for the pooja. When the pooja got over, Swami told Mani not to worry and that after 2 pm, he would become quite normal. After taking prasadam, Mani returned home and slept. When he woke up at 3 pm, he felt completely normal and was totally surprised at the miraculous healing. If one has faith in Swami, he is sure to remove one's misery.