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Another thrilling experience with Swami

   We had another thrilling experience with Swami. As we saw earlier, it was Swami's grace which enabled my daughter to complete her MBBS. After that, she was doing her post graduation in radiology. We were concerned about her since she used to be frank and outspoken and never liked the old orthodox habits and customs though she was very God fearing. We were worried about her finding someone suitable to spend the rest of her life with. Swami had come home for Devi pooja and after the pooja, Swami uttering Devi's divine words asked us to give her to him as the adopted daughter of Chothanikkara Devi and assured us that he would take care of her life, including her marriage. Later, when we showed some horoscopes of eligible boys to Swami, he picked out one and asserted that she would marry that boy only. Just to satisfy us, he asked us to show the horoscope to one of his devotees, who was an upasaka of Ganapathi and a good astrologer and he found that both the horoscopes matched perfectly. Later, the boy's father and sister came to our house and they were satisfied with Latha and our family background. The boy was a PhD in chemical engineering and had been working in the United States for over five years. The boy's father said that his son would be visiting India for about ten days in December and after he and Latha meet, pending their approval, he said the engagement can be done immediately and the marriage conducted at a later date as per the convenience of both families. He wrote to us saying that since his son's visit was only for ten days, he would like us to go over to his place in Bhilai, Madhya Pradesh. Traditionally, the boy's party visits the girl's home to see the girl. We were a little confused and hesitant at their idea of asking us to go over to their place. When we conveyed our anxiety to Swami, he told us not to worry and assured us that he would accompany us to Bhilai. He said that Latha was destined to marry that boy only. Initially Latha was furious at the idea but later she gave her consent after Swami's assurance. The boy, Deepak was to reach his home on December 17th, 1994. Before leaving, we had pada pooja for Gnananandar in our house. Immediately after the pooja, Swami instructed us to take all the items like sweets, eatables, flower garlands, dress for the boy and other things required for conducting the engagement with us when we go over to Bhilai. We were confused at Swami's decision because the boy's father had clearly specified the condition that the engagement was conditional to his son's approval after seeing Latha. We were not all comfortable with the idea of carrying all the items when we were not at all sure of the engagement. We expressed our concern to Swami, who again asserted that he was very sure that this marriage would take place. He also advised us to simply obey his command. So, as per schedule, Latha, my husband, me and Swami with all the items left on 17th from Bombay. Just before leaving, Swami said that the silver face of Devi should be taken along with us and just before starting the engagement ceremony, we should perform a Devi pooja chanting Lakshmi ashtothram and Bagavathi ashtothram. The face of Devi was covered in a green coloured cloth. During our journey, Swami told us that the boy's mother would be wearing a green sari and that on 19th December, the engagement ceremony would take place. Also, the boy's father alone would come to meet us at Durg station and he would meet only Swami first and not us at the station. Further, the registration tag of his car would be 19.

   The scheduled arrival time of our train at Durg was four in the evening. It would take at least fifteen minutes to reach their home. That particular day being Sunday, the rahukalam (supposed to be inauspicious time according to Hindu calendar) was from four thirty to six. We learnt later that Deepak's parents were worried about us reaching their home during that time. But to their pleasant surprise, the train reached Durg station fifteen minutes before scheduied time and because of that none from the boy's side had come to the station when we disembarked. Obviously we did not know this. We felt terribly bad and very disappointed that there was none who had come to receive us. My husband felt very bad and went someplace to call their home. I went around in search of Deepak's father. In a few minutes, the boy's father came running towards Latha, who introduced him to Swami and the boy's father asked about us. He paid his respects to Swami and apologized for being late, the reason being the train had unusually come well before the scheduled time on that day. My daughter called out for me and we decided that we could find my husband on the way and so proceeded towards the car. On the way, we met my husband and Deepak's father again apologized to him for the inconvenience caused. While we were walking towards the car parking lot, Swami whispered to me that since Latha had been given as an adopted child to Devi, the boy's father had met and welcomed Swami first instead of us. I was thrilled to see his divine words coming true. As we approached the car, we were thrilled to see the number on the car tag was nineteen, just as Swami had predicted. The three of us were wonderstruck at the absolute precision of Devi's words. The boy's father was puzzled seeing the amount of our luggage since our stay there was short, just a couple of days. All of us and luggage could not be accommodated in his car. My husband came up with an explanation for the piquant situation saying that from Bhilai, he was proceeding to Chennai with Swami and there were many items to be taken to the temple there. As per Swami's suggestion, my daughter and Swami went in the car and we both followed them in an auto rickshaw. When we reached their home, it was only five past four and the boy's father was very happy that by Swami's grace we could reach there well before Rahukalam. The boy's mother was dressed in a green coloured sari and their other relatives came forward and extended their hearty welcome to all of us. As we were looking at the mother's green sari in sheer wonder, Swami came close and whispered that the green signal has been given for the marriage to take place.

   After the customary small talk, snacks and coffee, the boy's father asked Deepak to take us to the Ganapathi and Venkatachalapathi temples in Bhilai. When we entered the sanctum of Lord Venkatachalapathi, the priest asked Deepak when he came to India and enquired about us. Deepak introduced us as his relatives to the priest. Swami at once looked at us and winked. After worshipping, Swami asked my husband and me to pay our salutations together to the Lord. But Latha and Deepak mistook Swami and they both together prostrated before the Lord. My husband and myself were spell bound. From there, we proceeded to the Ganapathi temple where Swami materialized a small replica of that Ganapathi in spatikam and gave it to Deepak. He was awestruck since he had never witnessed such a miracle. Latha went on to explain about Swami and his siddhis. After reaching home, Deepak wanted to have a private talk with Latha and both went upstairs. After a while, his sister also joined them and they were talking for more than an hour. Meanwhile, we made general conversation. We briefed Deepak's parents about Swami and his powers as best as we could. Latha and Deepak came down all smiles and expressed their acceptance for the marriage. The next day was 19th December and it was the festive day Thiruvadarai (a holy day for Lord Siva). It was decided to hold the engagement on that day at four in the evening and the marriage would be held later sometime in the month of June of next year in Bombay. Deepak's father and uncle went out for some errand and when they returned, they looked somewhat worried. When Swami asked them the reason they said that their priest had gone out of station and were anxious as to how to conduct the engagement ceremony. Swami immediately consoled them saying that he would play the role of the priest and conduct the ceremony. Swami's words gave them great relief.