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Swami visited our house after a month

   I was severely tested thus by Swami. He gave us a horoscope of a groom for our daughter and asked my husband to proceed further. He left for Chothanikkara. Soon, we came to know that the boy was already known to us and that he was not a good match for our daughter. I felt very disappointed and was shocked at how Swami had instructed us to proceed with this case. Completely broken and in tears, I started praying to the padukas. Suddenly one of the padukas cracked. I cursed my stars and felt very insecure. Later, I spoke to Swami in Madras over phone and bared my soul. I prayed to him not to test me so. Swami merely replied saying not to proceed any further with the case. After a fortnight, we had Devi pooja at our home. Swami asked me to pack the padukas and give them back to him. This came as a real jolt to me. I never even thought that I would face what seemed to be severe punishment. After he left, I could not control my feelings anymore. I broke down and wept on end. In the evening, I spoke to Swami over phone. I asked him why he as a mother after giving a choice toy to a child to play with was now suddenly snatching it away. He replied that he has done so with the specific purpose of saving my husband. With my limited and at the time clouded understanding, I was not at all convinced with his reply. Rather, I felt very angry and disappointed. Within a week, my husband left for Sabarimalai to worship Lord Ayyappa. When he returned to Bombay, he told us that he had miraculously escaped twice from dangerous life- threatening accidents. It was Swami's divine grace that saved him from mishap. Here he was, safe and sound, back after having a very good darshan of Lord Ayyappa.

   When Swami visited our house after a month, he explained that to protect my husband from danger, he had taken away the padukas and gave me another pair. I was ashamed for doubting and not understanding Swami's divine ways. Once again, I apologized to him and asked for pardon. Later, during a homam, he materialized two silver padukas from the agni and gave them to me asking me to return the wooden padukas to him. He told me to continue my prayers to the silver ones. Till date, I continue the pada pooja to the padukas.

   As I think of the thirty-five days of pada pooja to Swami, I still cannot believe how it was possible for me to perform the same without hindrance inspite of my college and household work. It was no doubt the divine grace and will of Swami that made it all possible. I feel that it was the most valuable gift I ever received from Swami. Let me conclude with Swami's saying — to obtain the full grace and blessings of Guru, pada namaskar is the supreme offering.

Om Sri Gnana Ambikai Sadguru Swaroopinyai Namaha