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Gnananandar replied that he would definitely come

   In the year 1974, just a day before he attained samadhi, Gnananandar called Vadivel Udaiyar on phone and asked him to come over to Tapovanam. He gave him all the necessary instructions as to how to carry on the future activities of Tapovanam. Before leaving, Vadivel Udaiyar requested Gnananandar that the latter should always be with him to guide and bless him till his death bed. Gnananandar replied that he would definitely come at the last moment of his life and bless him. Many years passed by. Meantime, Sri Palani came to know about Bagavathi Swami and he was fortunate enough to meet him a couple of times after that. One day in the year 1998, Palani's father became suddenly unconscious and collapsed. Palani was in Madras at that time. As per the family physician's advice, Vadivel Udaiyar was taken to Tanjore hospital and was admitted there. Sri Palani was very worried about his father's ill health and called Swami on phone and sought his blessings. Swami immediately rushed to Tanjore to see Vadivel Udaiyar and blessed him. Before leaving, he instructed Palani to take his father back home. As per Swami's order, Palani brought his father back home on the very next day which happened to be a Wednesday. This done, Palani could not convey the message to Swami over phone. On that day, when Swami was proceeding in the car, on his way, he happened to see a procession carrying a dead body. At that instant, Gnananandar advised Swami to go to Nanganallur immediately to see Vadivel Udaiyar since he had promised him earlier that he would be present at his death bed and give him salvation. While Swami tried to take a U-turn, his car went very close to a flower shop on the road side and the owner of that shop, seeing Gnananandar's photo stuck on the back of the car, immediately stopped the car and put a garland on the car. Swami had never been to Palani's house till then but as per guru's direction, he reached there without difficulty. The relatives who had gathered outside started saying — Swami (Gnananandar) has come. Swami went inside and blessed Vadivel Udaiyar with Sanyasa deekshai and materialized a maragatha Siva idol and gave it to him. Within a few seconds, Vadivel Udaiyar breathed his last and his mortal life came to an end and thus he attained mukthi by the grace of Swami and Gnananandar.

   Sri Palani and his family members were amazed and overwhelmed at the whole episode. They all could feel and experience their guru in Swami because the last conversation between Gnananandar and Vadivel Udaiyar was known only to them and Palani only and no one else. After Swami's visit to their house, it became obvious that both Gnananandar and Swami are one and the same. Palani says that his guru Gnananandar had protected their family for four generations and he being merged in Swami, is continuously guiding and blessing them even now.

   Very recently, on a Wednesday, 9th May 2001, a miraculous incident occurred on Sri Krishnaji's (Swami's devotee) house in Bombay. He had a dream in the early morning in which Swami and Ashrat baba (his earlier guru) were sitting on a cot. Swami asked him for a cup of milk and Baba for payasam. Swami was offered milk and Baba was told that it would take some time to make payasam and so Baba asked him to give him milk. His dream ended there. As soon as he got up from bed, he and his wife rushed to see the cot in the other room, where there was vibuthi and kumkum all over the cot. They were baffled and laken aback. They called Swami and told him about the mysterious happening. Swami then asked them to see whether there was vibuthi on Gnananandar's clay idol also. Indeed, there was. Swami then asked them to take a photo of Gnananandar three times in succession. The camera man was called and the photos were taken three times. When the photo prints came out, they were an absolute wonder, unbelievable but absolutely true. Adisayam anaal unmai which means — miracle but real.

   The pictures depict the clay idol ready to bow down for a devotee. They clearly show the changes in the facial expression (smiling) and the subsequent hand movements. For the benefit of the readers, the photos are included at the end of this chapter to enjoy and cherish the wonder.

   Though Swami appears as an ordinary human, he is truly Gnananandar since it is not possible for anyone else to perform such miracles. Swami is no doubt beyond all human description and language. His deeds are beyond the grasp of human mind. He is no doubt a true guru who is attributeless and makes you to realize the formless divinity within you.

Om Sri Sadguru Gnanananda Parabrahma Swaroopinyai Namaha

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwaraha
Guru Sakshat Parabrahma
Thasmai Sri Gnanananda Guruve Namaha