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Pushkar photo gallery

Brahma temple in Pushkar

Savitri hill temple in Pushkar

2006     2007

Pushkar is Guru of all tirthas (place of the pilgrimages). One gets virtues of all tirthas by visiting Pushkar & having holi dip in it.

Pushkar is situated about 13 km away from Ajmer city. The road leading to Pushkar is surrounded by nag pahar ('snake mountains'). There are rows of beautiful flowers plants on both sides of the road. Pushkar is surrounded from three sides by Arravali hill strip. On fourth side the golden sand mountains embed it. The place is 1580 ft above sea level. There is healthy and calm atmosphere and inhabitants here enjoy healthy life. That is why foreign tourists also enjoy visiting this place.

Be aware! Here is a well-known Pushkar scam where the locals approach you and give you some flower petals. Then they demand a ludicrous sum of money and make a scene with other locals and potentially involve the police who is also in on the scam, if you refuse to pay up. Also, some old locals that pretend to be Brahmins, start telling you different stories about Hinduism and ask you some questions, trying to find out your name and the names of your relatives. Then they can suddenly put flowers on you or wrap a thread around your wrist, and start loudly claiming at least 1,000 rupees from you and every member of your family (who even not present right now) for whom they just 'conducted the puja'. And often their accomplices suddenly appear around and start demanding payment 'for the rendered service' (so called puja) in an aggressive form.

Pushkar lake is surrounded by 52 ghats (places to bath) which have been constructed by emperors / kings of states. Prominent among these are Gau ghat, Brahma ghat & Varah ghat. Where, in the morning & evening religious & devotoinal bhajans & arathi is sung. In the month of Bhadva Shukla Paksha on 11th day (gyaras) of Jal Jhulni, all the idols of various temples are given holi bath by sacred water brought by Rewariyas. At Gau ghat, marathas got constructed a marble chhatri (monument) in memory of Santu Rao Bawaliya at Gau ghat, Guru Govind Singh (the 10th Sikh Guru) also recited Guru Granth Sahib in 1762, queen Mery, wife of George V also got constructed a Women ghat here. After independence, relics of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi etc. were brought here and immersed in Holi water.

Brahma ghat is the main one of Lord Brahma. Here on this ghat Adi Guru Shankracharya and Maha Mandaleshwars (heads of Mandals) took holi bath and worshipped. Shri Jayendra Saraswati got constructed a Temple of Shankaracharya. Parashuram Dwara of Nimbarka Peeth is also situted on this Brahma ghat.

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Pushkar photo gallery, the only temple of Brahma in India