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Kasol is 31 km. from Bhuntar and 9 km. from Jari. The road from Jari to Kasol leads through a forest. It is a pleasant experience to pass through this road especially in summer. Kasol is charmingly located on an open space which slopes down to a broad expanse of clear white sand at the edge of river. A rivulet flows in the middle of this place and a beautiful green fast rising forest mountain is in the back ground. This makes the place very attractive. That is why this place is very popular among the foreigners. There is habitation on both sides of the rivulet. The main bazar is on the right bank of it. The temple of the Kasoli Narayan a local god is situated at a small distance from the main road. Kasol Narayan is one of the main eighteen gods of Kullu valley. There are good hotels, restaurants, guest houses and a rest house here.

Across the bridge, on the other side of the river Parvati, there are small hot water springs. From here a path leads to village Chhalal and further to Rashol and Malana. By following the path along the Kasol rivulet one can reach Grahan village. Kasol is a popular camping site for trekkers and mountaineers.

Jari it is 22 km. from Bhuntar. Here the valley widens and view also becomes charming. The path to Malana village also leads from here. Malana represents the oldest democracy of the world. The village god of Jari is Aganpal whose temple is at Pathla, a hamlet near Jari. The place has gained special importance recently due to Malana Project. It had a small bazar with good business. The place has the facilities of a school, post office, hospital, guesthouses and a resthouse.

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