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Padmasambhava cave
in the top of the hill at Rewalsar photo gallery

From Rewalsar to Padmasambhava cave

(the only bus from Rewalsar (1360 metres)
to Padmasambhava cave (1750 metres) is at 10 a.m.)
rewalsar173 rewalsar174 rewalsar175 rewalsar176 rewalsar177 rewalsar178 rewalsar179 rewalsar180
rewalsar181 rewalsar182 rewalsar183 rewalsar184
Padmasambhava cave in the top of the hill at Rewalsar
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The secret cave of Padmasambhava
rewalsar196 rewalsar197 rewalsar203 rewalsar204
rewalsar202 rewalsar198 rewalsar200 rewalsar201
The main cave of Padmasambhava
rewalsar227 rewalsar199 rewalsar229 rewalsar206 rewalsar231 rewalsar207 rewalsar208 rewalsar230
Padmasambhava statue in the cave of Padmasambhava
rewalsar209 rewalsar210 rewalsar211 rewalsar212 rewalsar228 rewalsar215 rewalsar216 rewalsar217 rewalsar218
Small statue of Mandarava wife of Padmasambhava in the next cave room
rewalsar213 rewalsar214

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rewalsar223 rewalsar257 rewalsar258 rewalsar259 rewalsar260 rewalsar224 rewalsar225 rewalsar232
From the top of the hill by vehicle...
Kunt bhyog lake (Mahabharata)
rewalsar235 rewalsar236 rewalsar237 rewalsar239
... or by feet (half an hour)
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