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New Delhi photo gallery

Lotus (Bahai) Temple in New Delhi
Buddhist exposition in National Museum of India, New Delhi
Majnu-ka-Tila (Tibetan settlement in Northern Delhi)
ISKCON Temple (Hare Krishna Temple)

Red Fort

Qutab Minar

Main Bazaar

Birla mandir (Lakshmi-Narayana temple)

Connaught place

India Gate

Indian Parliament (Rashtrapati Bhavan)

Delhi Metro

Delhi is the capital of India since 1911, when it was announced that the capital of British held territories in India was to be transferred from Calcutta. The name "New Delhi" was given in 1927, and the new capital was inaugurated on 13 February 1931. New Delhi, also known as Lutyens' Delhi (the city designed by Edward Lutyens), was officially declared as the capital of the Union of India after the country gained independence on 15 August 1947. During the partition of India, thousands of Hindu and Sikh refugees, mainly from West Punjab fled to Delhi, while many Muslim residents of the city migrated to Pakistan. Migration to Delhi from the rest of India continues (as of 2013), contributing more to the rise of Delhi's population than the birth rate, which is declining.

Lutyens New Delhi is successor to seven old Dillis cities of former rulers. Being the national capital city, its major industry is government, its population mixed, its culture cosmopolitan and it is multilingual. Markets of Delhi sell produce of all states and there is very little that is typically Delhi.

Delhi is a city and a union territory of India. In Delhi you can hear mainly Hindi and English. Official name of Delhi is the 'National Capital Territory of Delhi'. The name of Delhi in Hindi is 'Dilli' (stressed on the second 'i'), and you can hear it from conductors of the buses.

Major places of interest are Red Fort, Purana Qila, Qila Rai Pithorah, Siri Fort, Adilabad Fort, Firoze Shahs Fort, Jahanpanah, Baha'i House of Worship (Lotus Temple), Qutab Minar, Lodi Tombs, Humayuns Tomb, Jantar Mantar Observatory, and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (Raj Ghat). Nevertheless, most of the tourists just pass through the city, going to other places, such as the Himalayas, beaches, ashrams and other cities.

The backpackers most often visit Main Bazaar for night stay before the train journey from New Delhi Railway Station.

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Main Bazaar
main_bazar020.jpg main_bazar021.jpg main_bazar022.jpg main_bazar023.jpg main_bazar024.jpg main_bazar025.jpg main_bazar026.jpg main_bazar027.jpg main_bazar028.jpg main_bazar029.jpg main_bazar030.jpg main_bazar031.jpg main_bazar032.jpg main_bazar033.jpg main_bazar034.jpg main_bazar035.jpg main_bazar036.jpg main_bazar037.jpg main_bazar038.jpg main_bazar039.jpg main_bazar040.jpg main_bazar041.jpg main_bazar042.jpg main_bazar001.jpg main_bazar002.jpg main_bazar003.jpg main_bazar004.jpg main_bazar005.jpg main_bazar006.jpg main_bazar007.jpg main_bazar008.jpg main_bazar009.jpg main_bazar010.jpg main_bazar011.jpg main_bazar012.jpg main_bazar013.jpg main_bazar014.jpg main_bazar015.jpg main_bazar016.jpg main_bazar017.jpg main_bazar018.jpg main_bazar019.jpg
Birla mandir (Lakshmi Narayana temple)
birla_temple001.jpg birla_temple002.jpg birla_temple003.jpg birla_temple004.jpg birla_temple005.jpg birla_temple006.jpg birla_temple007.jpg birla_temple008.jpg birla_temple009.jpg birla_temple010.jpg birla_temple011.jpg birla_temple012.jpg birla_temple013.jpg birla_temple014.jpg birla_temple015.jpg birla_temple016.jpg birla_temple017.jpg birla_temple018.jpg birla_temple019.jpg birla_temple020.jpg
Connaught place
connaught_place001.jpg connaught_place002.jpg connaught_place003.jpg connaught_place004.jpg connaught_place005.jpg connaught_place006.jpg connaught_place007.jpg connaught_place008.jpg connaught_place009.jpg connaught_place010.jpg connaught_place011.jpg connaught_place012.jpg
India Gate
india_gate001.jpg india_gate002.jpg india_gate003.jpg india_gate004.jpg india_gate005.jpg india_gate006.jpg india_gate007.jpg india_gate008.jpg india_gate009.jpg india_gate010.jpg india_gate011.jpg india_gate020.jpg india_gate013.jpg india_gate014.jpg india_gate015.jpg india_gate016.jpg india_gate017.jpg india_gate018.jpg india_gate019.jpg india_gate021.jpg india_gate012.jpg
Parliament of India (Rashtrapati Bhavan)
rashtrapati001.jpg rashtrapati002.jpg rashtrapati003.jpg rashtrapati004.jpg rashtrapati005.jpg rashtrapati006.jpg rashtrapati007.jpg rashtrapati008.jpg rashtrapati009.jpg rashtrapati010.jpg rashtrapati011.jpg rashtrapati012.jpg rashtrapati013.jpg rashtrapati014.jpg rashtrapati015.jpg
Qutab Minar
qutab_minar001.jpg qutab_minar002.jpg qutab_minar003.jpg qutab_minar004.jpg qutab_minar005.jpg qutab_minar006.jpg qutab_minar007.jpg qutab_minar008.jpg qutab_minar009.jpg qutab_minar010.jpg qutab_minar011.jpg qutab_minar012.jpg qutab_minar013.jpg qutab_minar014.jpg qutab_minar015.jpg qutab_minar016.jpg qutab_minar017.jpg
Red Fort
red_fort001.jpg red_fort002.jpg red_fort003.jpg red_fort004.jpg red_fort005.jpg red_fort006.jpg red_fort007.jpg red_fort008.jpg red_fort009.jpg red_fort010.jpg red_fort011.jpg red_fort012.jpg red_fort013.jpg red_fort014.jpg red_fort015.jpg red_fort016.jpg red_fort017.jpg red_fort018.jpg red_fort019.jpg red_fort020.jpg red_fort021.jpg red_fort022.jpg red_fort023.jpg red_fort024.jpg red_fort025.jpg red_fort026.jpg
Delhi metro
delhi_metro001.jpg delhi_metro002.jpg delhi_metro003.jpg delhi_metro004.jpg delhi_metro005.jpg delhi_metro006.jpg