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Savitri hill temple in Pushkar photo gallery

Brahma temple in Pushkar

Pushkar: 2006     2007

The temple of Lord Brahma's first wife, Mother Savitri is located on the hill behind the Brahma temple and one has to climb a long series of steps to reach this temple. The surroundings there are picturesque and is worth seeing.

There are some 500 temples at Pushkar, out of these temples the five of most important are listed below.

Brahma Temple. The biggest attraction at Pushkar is the temple of Lord Brahma Lord of creation. This is the only Temple in the whole Universe dedicated to Lord Brahma. It was reconstructed in the 14th century and stands on a high plinth with marble steps leading upto it. This beautiful temple is carved with silver turtle sits on the floor facing the sanctum sanctorum (garbhagriha). Peacocks adorn the temple walls as they are believed to be the vehicle of Goddes Saraswati the goddes of wisdom. The sanctuary has silver doors inside a carved marble gateway steps in the corner lead to a small cave dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Vishnu Varah Temple. The Vishnu Varah temple with an image of Lord Vishnu in the incarnation of boar. This ancient temple is believed to be constructed by Chauhan King Anaji (1123 1150) and was renovated by Gokul Chand Parikh, a Scindia Minister in 1806. It is said that Lord Vishnu came on the earth in the incarnation of Varah (wild boar) to kill a demon Hiranyakashipu and liberate the land from his atrocities.

Atpateshwar (Apteshwar) Mahadev Temple. Another important temple of Pushkar is the 12th century temple of Atpateshwar Mahadev. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Savitri Temple. The temple of Lord Brahma's first wife, Mother Savitri is located on the hill behind the Brahma temple and one has to climb a long series of steps to reach this temple. The surroundings there are picturesque and is worth seeing.

Temple of Rangnathji. The temple is very conspicuous since it is constructed in the South Indian style of architecture. It has a high rising "gopuram", typical of South India.

To visit these temples and have darshan gives several boons.

From time to time, kings, ministers and other prominent persons have renovated these temples. New and old temple of Rangnathji is also worth seeing.

Other temples: Some of the other temples are 108 Mahadev temple, Gwalior Ghat Shivalya, Naukhandi Hanumanji, Ramdham, Bada Ganeshji, Santoshi Mata temple, Bhatvay Ganeshji, Kapaleshwar Mahadevji and Jhulelal temple.

Unique art temples: Kalyanji temple, Ras temple, Bai ji temple, Manmahal temple, Ram Laxman temple etc.

The Pushkar fair begains after 10 days of Dipawali / Diwali festival. According to the Hindu mythology the Brahma Gayatri yajna was performed at Pushkar in these days. The Pushkar tirth (god) is present here in those five days of Indian month of Kartik. After it the god of Pushkar lives in space. Thus these five days have importance for bathing and donations here. Tourists of India and abroad (foreign) visit this Pushkar fair. Hindu community use to visit with a holy bath in Pushkar lake. They also visit Brahmaji temple. On this occassion, the animal fair also fulfilled with all type of animals for sale & purchase, like camels, horses, goats, buffaloes etc.

The Rajasthan culture of dress style, food variety and are of living are worth seen. To enjoy all these activities, tourists from India & foreigners are to come to attend this Pushkar Fair.

The fair has also spiritual importance.

Tourist enjoy here to visit hills, desert & lake, also camel & horse riding, shopping facility clothes & handicrafts. Nice food & every facility is available here. This place is very peacefully. It is a splendid small town.

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Pushkar - photo gallery, the only temple of Brahma in India