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Sai Amrita in Shrirangapatna photo gallery

Every year in the month of Dhanur from the twenty first day onwards grand Uthsavas to the Lord were being held, called as the Kotarothsava. For these celebrations, a big Kothara was got constructed and during the days of the Uthsavas there, it would be made to have a very magnificient appearance..By costly grabs, bright lights and the green such a decorated Mantap would be called the Kotara Mantap or the Ranga Mahal.

During Kotarothsava, each day, the Seva would be done by a royal family on the ninth day, the seva would be done by the Maharaja when God would have the Mohini Alankar. Music by reputed musicians would be arranged Dancing also would be had. To witness the Uthsava, many people including the Maharaja Hyder and people of the royal family and Hyder's Zanana people would gather in the temple.

In the year 1774 A.D. when the Kotarothsava was being celebrated on the eight day, all in a sudden, a fire caused a little danger. The Maharaja was graved by the mishap. In order to please him and see that no inconvenience was greatly caused to the Uthsava, Hyder instantly ordered the workmen to constructed a stone Mantap at the very same place. The next day, the new mantap was ready, by the time when the Uthsava had to commence. The new mantap got the name of pathala mantap from then onwards. The Kotarothsavas, now are being celebrated in the Pathala Mantap.

After the death of Hyder in 1782 A.D. his son, Tippu became the commander in chief with in a very short time. Tippu drove the king out and became the Sulthan himself. Then Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar was only 5 years old. In order to protect him from the Muslims, he was closed in the fifth floor of the temple tower. Tippu came to power, one of his courtiers, Mir Sadiq by name became a prominent person in his court, and he got ruled a number of temples, such as that of Sri Lakshminarasimhaswamy and Gangadhara Swamy. On seeing that the temples were got destroyed some of the authorities of the temple - protected their Gods by putting on roofs, similar to that of houses for their temples. One of such temple is that of Sri Janardhana Swamy in the Poornaiah street in the town.

The Archaka of some other smaller temples in the town brought the idols secretly to the Ranganatha temple and installed them within the big walls of the temple. Such idols are those of Lord Krishna, Sri Pattabhi Rama and Sri Gopala Krishna playing on the flute. All these idols are quite handsome ones giving a feast to the eyes of the on lookers. However no one dared to cause any damage to the Sri Ranganatha temple as Hyder had been interested in it, during his life time.

In the fight with the English, Tippu was defeated by them, He had to pay a large sum of money as tribute to the English. But he had no sufficient money with him. He therefore took some valuable ornaments from the temple and gave them to the English. Later some of the ornaments went into the hands of the French which, later went to the Russians and which can be seen even now in the Kremlin.

The remaining ornaments were those of Lord Ranganatha. There were considered to be the donation of Tippu. On them are carved as donated by Tippu Sulthan.

When Srirangapatna fell into the hands of the English in 1799 A.D. Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar made Mysore as his capital, and appointed Poornaiah, as his Dewan this king continued to get done pooja on the 9th day of the Kotarothsavas according to the usual practice. Not only this he got created a Mantap in his birth place and arranged for the processions of the Lord to the Mantap. Later fourth Krishnaraja Wadiyar got constructed the Sri Chamarajendra Memorial Choultry, in memory of his father, that he got constructed a flight of steps to Kavery, so that the people might easily get down to the river this piece is called the Rajghat. The Mantap which was originally constructed by the Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar was enlarged and around it a garden of flowers and Thulasi was got up for the use of Lord's worship. The Lord would be taken in procession to this Mantap on the birthday of Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, Viz., the Ashadaj Bahuia, Bidige.The celebrations on that day would be called be Sakkar Pongal Uthsava. After Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar came to the throne these Uthsavas were being celebrated even upto 1953-54. And on the day of the Uthsava that was being done in memory of the Mummadi king, the courtiers Vidwans and other important persons of the palace would attend the celebrations.

Thus, the town of Srirangapatna with its glorious temples, is a great pilgrims. It is learnt that originally the Lord rested looking towards the East. And his face directed upwards with a little space left between the hand and the.head. This change in the position of the Lord is very well witnessed by the aged pilgrims and can be announced by the description of the sages in the past.

On hearing such a greatness of Lord Ranganatha and of the river Kavery, who would not like to visit this place of much hollowness to take a bath in the river and to have a darshan of the Lord. Hindus do well to visit this place and get the grace of the Lord. So that they be happy, both in this world and in the next.

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