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Pushkar photo gallery

Brahma temple in Pushkar

Savitri hill temple in Pushkar

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At Varah Ghat, in the month of Chaitra, prayers are offered to Lord Venkatesh and Lord Venu Gopala.

It is said, that king Nraga donated hundreds of cows decorated with golden and silver ornaments. About 1100 years ago, king of Marwar Mandore (Jodhpur) Nahar Rao was remedied on leprosy by taking holi bath in Pushkar. Then he got constructed permanent ghats (the gate to go in lake) here in Pushkar and got the Pushkar Lake deepened. It is said that Mughal Emporer Aurangzeb damaged many temples in India. When he was at Pushkar after damaging Varah temple, he went to Kanishtha (Rudra Pushkar). He saw a pond of water there. Just to relax, he stayed there and washed his face in the Rudra Pushkar. Miraculously his hair became gray and he looked too old. His men called him Buddha (old man). Thereafter Kanishtha (Rudra Pushkar) was also called Buddha Pushkar. It is said that astonished with this miracle, Aurangzeb gave in charity 52 thousand bighas land to Parashar Brahmins here. All this history is noted here with pandits residing here.

Pushkar is also known as Padmawati Pilgrimage place of Jains. All temples of Jain religion and Pattan city of Jains were burried in sand following a curse of a Rishi. Until now whenever dug here and there, old Jain remains are found. Newly constructed Digambar and Shwetambar Jain temples are worth seeing here.

Water of all three Pushkars, viz. Jyestha (Brahma Pushkar), Madhya (Vishnu Pushkar) and Kanistha (Rudra Pushkar) is miraculous and is used for bath and as Charnamrit of the Lord. People think that there is only one Brahma (Jyestha) Pushkar while there are two other known Pushkars viz. Madhya (Vishnu) Pushkar and Kanishtha (Rudra) Pushkar. These are worth seeing and people should encourage their development also.

Many rishis got their desired boons after worshipping for many years. Yagnasthal (hilli places of worship) of these rishis are worth seeing. Among them are yagnasthals of rishi Atrey, Vashistha, Kashyap, Gautam, Bhardwaj, Vishwamitra and Jamdagni Giri. All these are called sapta rishi (seven rishis). Apart from this, worship places of rishi August, Ajaypalji, Lomas, Kapil, Bharthari, Markandeya, Baidyanath and Gaya Kund, Nanda, Saraswati, Panchkund, Gaumukh, Laxmi pole, Mother Savitri, Mother Papmochni, Chamunda, sitting place of Mahaprabhu etc. are beautiful places to be seen. Pushkar is an ancient place of pilgrimages. In recent times, Dongra Maharaj, Morari Bapu, Ramesh Bhai, (Saint) Asaramji and many other saintly persons have benefitted people and devotees by their Satsangs (discourses). People come here to have holi dip to get rid themselves from sins and for Moksha. So from ancient times, it is prohibited here to take eggs, meat, liquor and hunt wild beasts.

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Pushkar photo gallery, the only temple of Brahma in India