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Rozabal (The Tomb of Jesus Christ) photo gallery

Hazratbal (The mosque with a hair of Hazrat Muhammad Saheb's chin)
Dal lake

Rozabal the Tomb of Jesus Christ, 10/11/2012
rozabal035.jpg rozabal036.jpg rozabal037.jpg rozabal038.jpg
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Dastgir masjid
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Rozabal the Tomb of Jesus Christ, 27/06/2005
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rozabal029.jpg rozabal030.jpg rozabal031.jpg rozabal032.jpg rozabal033.jpg rozabal034.jpg

Rozabal - the gallery of 3 Megapixels photos of Jesus Christ

Rozabal view from space:
(34º05'39.10" N, 74º48'58.76" E)

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Fida Hassnain - author of the book "A search for the historical Jesus" - in his house in Shrinagar
fida_hassnain001.jpg fida_hassnain002.jpg fida_hassnain003.jpg fida_hassnain004.jpg