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Leh to Khardung-la (Khardungla pass, 5359/ '5602' metres) photo gallery
Leh to Khardung-la journey is 39 kms of mountain road. Khardung-la (Khardungla) is believed by the hindu to be the highest motorable pass & road in the world, 5602 metres above sea level (actually 5359). To visit Khardung-la foreigners need to obtain special (inner line) permit in Leh.
leh_khardungla001 leh_khardungla002 leh_khardungla003 leh_khardungla004 leh_khardungla005 leh_khardungla006 leh_khardungla007 leh_khardungla008
leh_khardungla009 leh_khardungla010 leh_khardungla011 leh_khardungla012 leh_khardungla013 leh_khardungla014 leh_khardungla015 leh_khardungla016 leh_khardungla017 leh_khardungla018 leh_khardungla019 leh_khardungla020 leh_khardungla040 leh_khardungla021 leh_khardungla037 leh_khardungla038 leh_khardungla039 leh_khardungla022 leh_khardungla023 leh_khardungla024 leh_khardungla025 leh_khardungla026 leh_khardungla027 leh_khardungla028
leh_khardungla029 leh_khardungla030 leh_khardungla031 leh_khardungla032 leh_khardungla033 leh_khardungla034 leh_khardungla035 leh_khardungla036
Khardung-la (5602 metres)