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Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Discourses at Sai Sruti, Kodaikanal, during April 1996

compiled by devotees in Halifax, Canada.
(c) 1997 Pooja Kapahi (b.1946-)

This book may be reproduced in part or in full for personal or group study use, but no reproduction in any form is authorized for commercial purposes.

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First edition. First printing - 1000 copies

ISBN 81-86822-20-8

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Foreword iii
1. Purify the mind to realize Divine Bliss (April 5)
2. All the world is a stage (April 7)
3. Sadhana (April 8)
4. Purusha and prakriti (April 9)
5. True devotion versus attachment to the world (April 10)
6. Have good thoughts, good action and good Company to realize God (April 11)
7. Keep sacred thoughts and actions to realize the Atma (April 12)
8. Devotion, sacrifice and surrender (April 13)
9. The name of God is "I" (April 14)
10. Avail yourself of this rare chance to be saved (April 15)
11. Secular and spiritual knowledge (April 16)
12. Yoga (April 17)
13. God is permanent, the world is temporary (April 18)
14. Sthree (woman) (April 19)
15. The Creator and the Creation (April 20)
16. Attain immortality through sacrifice and desirelessness (April 21)
17. Sacrifice and wisdom are both needed to reach Divinity (April 22)
18. Truth, the foundation of life (April 23)
19. Devotion is the easiest path to God (April 24)
20. The Divinity is attained through detachment (April 25)
21. To realize union with the Divine fill yourself with Divine Love (April 27)
22. Develop Love and surrender to realize freedom (April 28)
23. The Living Presence of God (April 29)