: ➤ Divine experiences


The Maha Kumbabhishekam for Lord Shakthi Ganapathi was performed in the divine presence of Swami

The management trustees of the temple selected a few dates for performing kumba abhishekam for the temple and they approached Swami for his advice in choosing a correct date. Swami suggested April 9th, 2000 would be the best day. When they referred to the Hindu calendar for finding the particulars of that day like the auspicious time and star, all were totally taken aback and thrilled to see on the calendar the beginning of the worship and fasting for the Lord Shakthi Ganapathi against that date. That really confirmed the acceptance of the new name of that God as Shakthi Ganapathi.

The Maha Kumbabhishekam for Lord Shakthi Ganapathi was performed in the divine presence of Swami on a very grand scale on 9th April. Everyone in the colony was astonished and pleased to see the temple come up so fast. What a change from the early days when a mere pooja for the idol was a rarity!

With Swami's blessings, a vel and a sannadhi for the Navagrahas came up very fast in the temple. On all Fridays and chaturthis, elaborate poojas are held for Devi and Lord Ganapathi. Anyone who visits this temple says that they experience and enjoy the peaceful, sacred atmosphere. With Swami's grace, a sannadhi for Lord Hanuman is going to be constructed before the forthcoming Ramanavami festival. All the residents of this colony have become united because of this temple. During the mandalakalam, a Maha Ganapathi homam was performed. A photo taken during the homam, revealed a picture of Lord Ganapathi with prasadam in his hand and with the moonjur as his vahana in the agni of the homam. All were thrilled to see the formation of the Lord in the flames and no doubt, it proved the sanctity of the Lord.

We have seen Swami giving various idols of gods to different people according to their faith and need. But the fact that he has blessed us with a temple for all the residents of our colony is totally amazing and unbelievable. The truth is that whenever a thought wave comes into my mind, it is put into reality and gets manifested because of Swami's miraculous powers. My husband and I do not know how to thank him and to describe our divine experiences with him. Glory to Swami and his divine powers.

Sri Krishnan Namboodhiri and his elder brother, Late Sri Anajanam Madhavan Namboodhiri of Guruvayoor were staunch devotees of Lord Krishna and were well known for their weekly discourses on Lord Narayana (known as saptaham). They used to carry an idol of Lord Krishna and silver Sri Chakram (supposed to have been used by Sri Poondanam, an enlightened soul, an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, hundreds of years before) for their saptaham. After Sri Anjanam's demise, Sri Krishna Namboodari continued the discourses. After concluding the saptahaam in the Sai Baba temple in madras, when he had gone to take bath in the river along with the idol and Sri Chakram, the Sri Chakram was washed away in the water. He got very much upset over that.

His first meeting with Swami was at the Kochu Guruvayurappan temple at Baroda. He told Swami about his grievance about the lost Sri Chakram and Swami at once materialised an idol of Lord Padmanabha with Goddess Lakshmi and gave it to him as an alternative. Sri Krishna Namboodhiri was not very much satisfied with that. After going to Guruvayoor, he kept a deva prashnam wherein it became clear to him that the idol given by Swami was equivalent to the Sri Chakram. From then on, a seed of faith towards Swami was sown in his heart.

For decades, he and his late brother had a place known as Narayanalayam in the temple premises of Guruvayoor for holding the saptaham. Later the temple trustees found an idol of Lord Krishna (supposed to have been be worshipped by the ancient devotee Poondanam) and they installed it in Narayanalayam.

Around 1997, the temple trustees wanted to have a procession of six elephants standing in a line during temple festivities and so they decided to demolish the narayanalayam for widening purposes. This gave a big jolt to Sri Krishna Namboodhiri. He filed a court case against the widening. He found out from deva prashnam that the solution could be sought from the divine mother. He tried to contact Swami through Sri Rajan (another devotee of Swami).

Meanwhile, Devi instructed Swami to conduct a homam in a clay pot (chatti Homam) with six types of wooden pieces in front of Lord Sivayoga Subramanian in the peetam on the Skandashashti day (an important day for Lord Karthikeya). While performing the homam, the form of Lord Krishna appeared in the agni which was immediately photographed. This photograph is included at the end of this chapter. Swami was perplexed as to why the Krishna form appeared instead of Lord Murugan. Devi told him that soon he would know the reason. After a short while, Sri Krishnan Namboodhiri came to meet Swami in the peetam without prior information. He narrated his problem to Swami and sought Devi's grace. Swami handed over that photo to him as per the divine order and asked him to keep the photo in the narayanalayam. He also asked him to get a stay order in the court and assured him that by Devi's grace, his place will not be demolished. Very soon the words of Swami came true and the temple authorities asked him to withdraw the case and allowed him to continue his discourse there. What a wonder!